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Welcome to The Serene Garden, your main asset for cultivating counsel and investigating tips, planting pointers, and top to bottom surveys of our preferred items and absolute necessities, regardless of whether you’re delving the dirt in a little space, planting holders inside, or tending to trees and lines of occasional veggies on a bigger plot of land.

Established by Kartik Awasthi, our group of authors and picture takers traverses the globe, bringing their planting tips and aptitude to our pages.

We will likely present to you the best of everything about cultivating, from tips for apprentices to the further developed green thumb plant specialists, careful advisers for study fabricating your dirt and planting for explicit conditions like shade or direct sun, and investigating tips for managing nuisances and plant sicknesses.

We additionally spread explicit assortments of plants top to bottom, to focus on your necessities and interests – annuals and perennials, edibles and ornamentals, evergreens and blooming blooms, bushes, trees, and everything in the middle.

We pair this with legitimate surveys of our preferred planting apparatuses and supplies, intensive advisers for the best open air furniture and enriching things, and the best composed assets that you can add to your library to take your expertise in the nursery to the following level.

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