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Homegrown blueberries are among my favorite summer snacks, using a sweet-tart taste that is great for appreciating of hand, mixed to a pancake batter, then baked in a dish, or cooked and made into jam.
Though growing blueberries in home is not for everybody, given the proper conditions, this might be the ideal crop to add to regions of the backyard with well-draining acidic land (belief: close the stand of walnut trees) and full sunlight.

Best Blueberry Varieties in 2020
Best Blueberry Varieties in 2020

Dwarf types can even be grown in containers on the patio. And white or pink blossoms and vibrant fall foliage adds decorative garden interest too.

Native to North America, the earliest hybrid cultivar was designed at New Jersey in the turn of the twentieth century by Elizabeth White and Fred Coville, plus they have been hugely popular since.

We have compiled a listing of a few of our favored cultivars, suited for Many Different spaces and ponds:


  • Biloxi
  • Bluecrop
  • Blueray
  • Brightwell
  • Legacy
  • Pink Icing
  • Pink Popcorn
  • Powder Blue
  • Sunshine Blue
  • Top Hat


Blueberry 'Biloxi' - DeGroot

This Southern Highbush kind is a rather new cultivar, developed at Mississippi State University. And it is fantastic for low-chill or perhaps no-chill environments.

That is right — even in the event that your home is in an increasing zone with no enough nights with temperatures below freezing to develop different kinds of fruit, then’Biloxi’ can succeed in your climate. It actually develops better with below 150 chill hours each year, although you can still anticipate some fruit if you plant it in a milder climate.

Having a vigorous growth habit and unsalted berries which are prepared to harvest early in the summer, plant from acidic soil amended with pine mulch and peat, in a place with complete sun.


Bluecrop Blueberry Bushes — Blueberry Hills Nursery

Vaccinium corymbosum’Bluecrop’ at 5-Inch Containers, accessible from Nature Hills

The most popular variety in the whole world!

An upright, open climbing, spreading Northern Highbush selection, you can anticipate’Bluecrop’ to develop in a moderate speed, using a mature height approximately 5 to 6 ft and a spread of 4-6 ft.

Having a moderate growth rate, green leaves which change to reddish red stems from the autumn provide decorative allure through winter. Most of all, the company, medium-sized mild blue fruit is famous for its exceptional taste, and berries are more resistant to breaking.

You may expect consistent returns and constant creation from the mid-season cultivar, which generates blossoms starting in May, and also a crop by early August.

This kind favors rich soil, with continuous moisture and decent drainage, and is proven to be successful in regions of the backyard where other edibles fight. Known for its disease resistance,’Bluecrop’ is drought tolerant when older.

This variety is well known for getting shallow roots, so work closely if you’re doing any farming or tethered to additional plantings in the region.



Two’Blueray’ Plants at 4-Inch Pots, on Amazon

With sweet, mild blue berries which start to ripen in early to mid-July, this Northern Highbush cultivar is referred to as a fantastic form to plant along with other highbush forms for cross-pollination.

Green foliage turns scarlet in the autumn, using a 5-6 foot maximum height and 3 to 2 4-foot disperse.

The mid-season’Blueray’ berries have been famous for being split resistant, with a solid blueberry taste and odor, and company flesh. This variety is famous for overproducing, so it will naturally place plenty of fruit which could stress the plant, therefore it has to be pruned frequently and attentively.


Brightwell Blueberry | Buy at Nature Hills Nursery

This is among those bigger cultivars, growing into a maximum height of 8-10 feet having a nearly equal spread, and massive berries. A rabbiteye kind, meaning it’s berries that vary in colour from pink to blue as they grow.

You may expect huge harvests out of the self-fruiting variety — so it is possible to plant only one in the event that you desire, though you could always expect greater yields using a friend to cross legged. Tifblue or even Climax are advocated.

Most cultivars need careful mulching and soil change, but this number is not too picky, and is hardy in the surface of late freezes.

‘Brightwell’ can withstand partial sunlight, although full sunlight is always greatest to get fruit-bearing plants. It creates attractive pink flowersgreen foliage which will turn colors of orange and red in the autumn.

LEGACY (ZONES 5-8) : Legacy Blueberry Bush - Edible Berry - Hardy ...

This Northern Highbush variety is well known for its sweetness and superb flavor of its high berries, as stated by the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station of the USDA.

Leaves turn red in the autumn, along with the disease-resistant plants could attain maximum heights over 6 feet at maturity, with a spread of 3-6 feet.

With high yields and also a late mid-season crop,’Legacy’ fruit stores well, and crops exhibit vigorous, upright growth. It is going to keep a number of its leaves throughout mild winters, for extra backyard interest.


Top 10 Blueberry Varieties to Grow at Home | Gardener's Path

With a mature height of 3-4 feet and a vertical mounded disperse 4-5 ft, the blue berries are ready for crop mid-season, also famous for their strong taste.

New development in the spring provides aesthetic curiosity, with leaves in varying colors pink, combined with black and blue green, along with also an attractive turquoise blue color in winter.

‘Pink Icing’ grows best in full sunlight, but can tolerate some shade. Comparatively low care, you won’t need to do a great deal of pruning with this particular self-pollinating rainbow variety. And increased under the ideal conditions, the plants that are hastened can live for 20 decades.


Van Zyverden BlueBerry Pink Lemonade Plants (3-Pack)-11400 - The ...

Among the more peculiar cultivars, these blueberries are in fact pink when older, using exactly the identical taste that you are utilized to. Plus they freeze well, too.

Reaching 4-5 feet in spread and height when old,’Pink Popcorn’ is a streamlined Northern Highbush variety that favors peaty, acidic dirt and even moisture. This cultivar grows at a moderate rate, with white flowers and dark green foliage that turns red in the autumn.

Fruit is ready for harvest premature to mid-season, and you may anticipate a good deal of berries from such hardy plants. They’re easy to look after, disease resistant, and self-pollinating.


5 Gal. Powder Blue Blueberry Plant Potted-BLUPOW05G - The Home Depot

Having a mature height and spread of 6-10 ft,’Powder Blue’ is a hardy cultivar with an erect growth habit and moderate growth rate.

White flowers bloom in late spring into early summer, which provides added protection against late freezes. And green foliage changes to crimson and yellow in the autumn.

This really is really a rabbiteye type is considered sweeter than other types, together with harvests later in the summer than you will find with different cultivars. Anticipate a high return of high, light blue fruit in clusters up to 50 berries every day, ideal for canning. In addition they hold up nicely to freezer .

Ordinarily long lived, plant’Powder Blue’ along with different cultivars to get cross-pollination.


Sunshine Blue Blueberry - Monrovia - Sunshine Blue Blueberry

This cultivar stands out in relation to aesthetic worth, with pink blossoms in the spring, along with appealing blue-green foliage which turns burgundy reddish in the autumn. And of course the sweet and flavorful medium-sized fruit that is prepared for a mid- to late season crop in late July and August.

A dwarf Southern Highbush variety,’Sunshine Blue’ increases to a maximum height and spread of 3-4 ft. It’s simple to prune, and may even be grown in containers, so it is ideal for little distance gardeners).

‘Sunshine Blue’ can withstand a number of soils (provided that they shut well) and even a few color, though complete sunlight is favored for maximum returns. Plant with a different variety to keep your bases covered, for cross-pollination.

This cultivar is thought to tolerate soil using a high pH greater than other types, and it is famous for vigorous expansion in warmer climates, using an erect, compact habit.


Blueberry 'Top Hat' - DeGroot

Produced at Michigan State University using a half-high development habit, in maturity you may anticipate’Top Hat’ to achieve a entire height of 18-24 inches, using a spread of 1-2 ft. With white blossoms in the spring, its leathery green leaves turn colors of bronze in the autumn.

These miniature plants are fantastic for smaller spaces, and may be grown in pots — we have even discovered that some anglers have experimented with trimming that cultivar to a clean decorative bonsai! ‘Top Hat’ may also be grown as a border plant.

Even though they prefer full sunlight,’Top Hat’ plants may tolerate partial shade, and they’ll expand in a moderate speed in well-drained soil.

This self-pollinating dwarf variety could be increased by itself, despite its size, it generates full-size berries which are ready for harvest in July and August.


With so many enticing alternatives to select from, it is going to be difficult to pick only one. Luckily, you do not need to! Planting more than 1 number of the identical kind (i.e. highbush or rabbiteye) is recommended, to guarantee huge harvests.

You will have to be patient, because production will not reach its peak until crops are a couple of years old, however this yummy fruit would be well worth the wait.

Blueberry deal allows Red Sun Farms to grow OZblus in Mexico | Packer

Bear in mind that blueberries fare best in acidic soil — a pH less than 5.0 is needed to grow nourishment successfully, therefore examine your dirt and fix it suitably until you reach planting, rather annually in advance for in-ground plantings.

Which kinds are you going to grow? We enjoy hearing from you, so make sure you drop us a line at the comments below! and do check out other posts as well.

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