THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|Alright, it is true — dividing wood may not be the very”girly” of actions.

However, I really like it. It is a fantastic excuse to step out into the crisp, autumn air, and you get a fairly decent upper body exercise besides.

Even more than dividing, stacking firewood is what really appeals to me personally. I really like to observe strings of wood piled, ready for the winter gales to come.

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Just like a well-designed article of backyard décor, heaps of firewood impart a feeling of equilibrium and stability, a sense reminiscent of warmth and welcome with a crackling hearth.

Well at least mine do. My partner Ron, on the other hand, simply chucks up the wood onto the heap. If it does not fall over, all is great in his entire world!

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Well, to each his (or her) own.

Irrespective of how you want to pile your wood, it ought to be split — that segues nicely to our subject. The ideal tool for the task is that the splitting maul.

Join us as we have a look at this exceptional instrument, a favorite of outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen alike.


  • Fiskars IsoCore 8-Pound
  • Helko Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter
  • Wilton B.A.S.H.
  • Estwing Fireside Buddy
  • Council Tool Splitting Maul
  • Fiskars X27


Unsurprisingly, the cutting tool celebrity, Fiskars, brings us two of the highest actors in our critique.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL| Our best pick for the best overall performance in the full-sized class goes to the Fiskars IsoCore 8-pounder due to their full size, vibration-free, and practically indestructible handle, along with a brawny head layout that plows through the knottiest and many unseasoned wood.

Additionally, the riveted head remains in place, however much abuse it succeeds.

Fiskars is the globally-recognized Finnish business that started as a foundry back in 1649. Nowadays they produce not just their legendary orange-handled scissors and cutting edge tools for your house, they also produce some terrific tools for your garden and lawn too.

Launched in late 2015, Fiskars’ remarkable instruments with IsoCore handles have rapidly become a popular with internet shoppers.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|The 8-pounder includes a double head using a splitting confront for cleaving wood along the grain, along with also an additional driving survey for striking wedges and bets. Forged and heat treated, the steel is strong, sturdy, and durable, with a rust resistant coating which helps to reduce sticking when pushed deep into timber.

The blade geometry was optimized with a broad wedge to attack deep into a log, rending it apart with ease — even ones using stringy knots and fibers. This shape also helps ensure timber is redirected into the side, not directly back at you, the consumer

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|Fiskars’ handle dampens the first shockwave using their own unique, patented IsoCore™ Shock Control System. A sleeve of steel and polymers is overlaid onto a steel-reinforced fiberglass center that disturbs travelling electricity by deflecting it via insulating materials, long before it reaches your hands.

This leads to a quick dissipation of power for 2 times less vibration compared to wooden grips — helping reduce joint strain and muscle strain.

Additionally, the riveted mind is inseparable in the grips and will not slide down or split , even if swung with complete force.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|The lower grip includes Softgrip, a sculpted profile created from a thermoplastic rubber. It fits the natural contour of the hand, also has tactical texturing to decrease hand fatigue and blistering (for people who operate without gloves). A small flare at the bottom of the deal also reduces slipping, to maintain your swing commanded and strong.

The layout was tested to exceed both US and ISO standards for remarkable instrument endurance, so that you understand this workhorse will hold up in demanding work environments!

The Fiskars 8-pound maul measures approximately 3.25 x 8 x 36 inches and has an overall weight of 10.2 lbs.

Produced in Finland, it includes a complete lifetime guarantee to be free of defects in material and workmanship as long as you have the item.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|Known for its comfortable handle, solid structure, and simple cleaving activity, this maul is a winner among confirmed buyers on Amazon.com. With excellent shock-absorption from the handle, this version is more comfy throughout long spans of fatigue-free usage.

The plan of this mind also has kudos, out of its automatically riveted, slip-free attachment, to the extensive angle and demanding steel which make one-hit divides a frequent occurrence.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|Cleaving 12 into 24-inch inch rounds with simple ease, the extended handle and thick mind supply all of the momentum necessary to perform the job for you — you just need to lift, swing, and also direct its descent, and the tool does the rest!

Additionally, the Fiskars maul includes all the sound build and superior quality you would expect from this particular brand — no surprises or disappointments available.

Popular with online shoppers, the Fiskars 8-pound maul using all the shock-absorbing IsoCore system turns out to be an outstanding striking tool for dividing firewood of all shapes, sizes, and textures.

Customer support can be readily accessible, through live internet chat or telephone.

It combines strength and comfort using Finnish creativity to readily power through little to extra-large rounds, also gets the profile to rip through knots and stringy fibers easily.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|With an affordable price and sweetening the pot with their lifetime warranty, this Fiskars instrument is a fantastic investment made to last a life and out of what satisfied clients are reporting, it might well be in existence for a few lifetimes!

Read customer reviews and check prices today .


German toolmaker Helko started operation from the mid-1800s, and in almost no time acquired a reputation for their high quality woodworking equipment.

Still common in Europe, they also have their very own warehouse in California that shares their whole line of axes and mauls for supply in North America.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|This particular version is that their Vario 2000 log splitter, made for heavy duty cleaving tasks. The wide, heavy head provides a strong blow for the hardest of tasks, while dividing tree trunks, logs, or even heavy rounds of firewood.

The 5-pound mind is made from drop forged, high quality carbon steel, heat treated, tempered, and oil-hardened into 53-56 HRC for long-lasting, durable performance.

Additionally, it is connected with Helko’s patented twist platform, which utilizes a cap screw retainer and contained hex key, providing it something much more akin to this profile of a conventional axe head — with no big rear poll utilized for striking wedges.

This usually means the handles and blades can be altered and replaced handily, in moments!

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|Each handle is created in Switzerland by FSC certified, sustainably developed American Grade A hickory. They are independently selected for density and proper grain orientation, then completed with a light lacquer and black dipped grip.

A steel sleeve protects the shoulder of this handle from damaging overlooked attacks, along with the slightly curved, ergonomic layout functions as an effective shock absorber when providing the perfect balance for a strong swing, thus reducing tiredness.

The Helko also includes its very own leather sheath, produced in the united states with vegetable oil-tanned leather. A 1-ounce jar of Axe-Guard is contained to help keep it preserved in prime operating condition.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|This splitter measures approximately 35.5 x 2.25 x 7 inches, and has an overall weight of 8.5 lbs.

Produced in Germany, it includes Helko’s guarantee for the first owner to be free of defects in workmanship and material — but doesn’t cover broken handles.

Verified buyers on Amazon.com provide the Helko log splitter best marks for its clever design, strong cleaving activity, and low-vibration handle.

The caliber of components is topnotch, with the mind being an perfect shape and size to supply solid strikes which divide green or seasoned wood easily. It’s the appearance and texture of an axe, together with the activity of a maul.

Strong construction gets several nods, together with the overstrike protection rescuing the deal from casual tear and wear. The unique, universal linking system is a wonderful touch for people who prefer to substitute or swap bottoms and axe heads, and that they could easily be changed over once the time comes.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|The handle is topnotch, with all the grain properly oriented lengthwise over the length of the grip for years of durability and service (and no breaking ), while providing a fantastic hand feel with safe, comfortable grip and little to no vibration.

The Helko can also be nicely balanced, providing force with maximum speed, without inducing excessive strain or fatigue.

Customer support appears to be exceptional as well, with quick response to any difficulties.

Helko’s Vario 2000 is a distinguishing log splitter that provides users the exceptional capability of switching over handles and blades conveniently using only two screws and a hex key — significant for people who divide in massive volumes and will need to modify components quickly.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|Produced in Germany, using high quality stainless steel and also an American hickory handle crafted in Switzerland, the Vario 2000 is an global hybrid with outstanding capabilities.

The wide angle of the mind and the long, strong handle provide powerful force for lots of one-strike strikes. Its efficient and efficient layout provides a fatigue-free dividing experience.

Commonly sold in a higher price point than a number of the other versions we have reviewed, this instrument has some excellent credentials which really merit the cost for many inquisitive buyers on the market.

It is the perfect alternative for people who are employed in forestry, or split wood in substantial volume amounts to maintain their wood burning stoves moving all year.

Check prices and read consumer reviews on Amazon today .


Our recommendation for its Finest XL Maul For Big Jobs belongs to that the Wilton B.A.S.H.

This strapping instrument is large and heavy. Coupled with Wilton’s Unbreakable manage technologies, this creates the instrument almost indestructible — and it is comfortable to use also! This is the best extra-large maul for long-term, heavy-duty functionality.

Wilton Tools 8-lb Head 36″ B.A.S.H Splitting Maul, on Amazon

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|Wilton Tools was founded in 1941, once the initial Wilton bullet vise was fabricated in Chicago. Nevertheless the largest-selling industrial vise in the present market, Wilton has enlarged their substantial instrument knowhow to production of rugged and tough striking tools using a line named B.A.S.H. — that stands for Bad-Ass Sledge Hammer.

This strapping 8-pound maul is a portion of this B.A.S.H. lineup and includes their neon green, higher prominence mind. Made from drop-forged steel and hardened to 46 HRC, it attracts durable performance to the the toughest applications.

A security plate locks the mind to the handle to get rid of separation, supplying safer performance.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|The Wilton maul also includes B.A.S.H. Unbreakable manage technologies — six sticks of molten steel type the center, which is then wrapped in a vulcanized rubber over-mold to produce the toughest grip on the marketplace.

It is really tough, in actuality, that Wilton supplies a thousand-dollar break-free guarantee for two years of regular use!

The thick, tapered shoulder of this deal reduces fatigue by absorbing vibration and prevents overstrike harm, while the no-slip textured grasp enhances striking accuracy.

A lanyard hole in the end of this handle may be utilized to fasten the maul to a wrist while striking, or to hang it for storage.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|The B.A.S.H. maul measures approximately 3.75 x 9 x 36 inches and comes with an 8-pound head having a general weight of 12 lbs. Produced in Mexico, it includes Wilton’s $1,000 no-break guarantee for 2 years following purchase.

This Wilton maul gets top marks for sound and well-built structure, the comfortable grip, and its own profile.

The deal has a nice, solid feel to it, but it does not feel stiff when going, as do many metal-handled tools. And it is also quite forgiving of mis-strikes, without a vibration travelling into the palms.

Additionally, the rubber over-mold provides an extremely comfy, vibration-free grip, together with the shoulder providing protection for the consumer and axe. The rubber holds up well, in spite of continuous use.

Verified buyers on Amazon.com enjoy the standard of manufacturing and materials employed within their workmanship, in addition to the tool’s strong, secure functionality.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|The plan of this mind is successful also, easily discharging the little even from big or knotty rounds.

Although some users have voiced disappointment that the blade arriver duller than they’d have enjoyed upon dispatch, you may obviously sharpen the edge of their profile to your own preference.

Wilton’s B.A.S.H. splitting maul lives to the household name, using a badass construct for demanding cleaving duties.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|The Unbreakable steel-core manage is stunningly powerful, but in addition provides a comfy, vibration-free grip for fatigue-free usage (which you will enjoy, since this maul is large, brawny, and beefy).

Make no mistake: using a 36-inch steel core handle, an 8-pound mind, and weighing 12 lbs complete, this can be an XL instrument — and you will need XL power to swing it efficiently!

In the center of the scope concerning cost, and their 1000 no-break guarantee, the B.A.S.H. maul provides excellent value for larger folks with large jobs to perform.


In the other end of the spectrum Concerning dimensions, the Estwing Fireside Buddy is the choice for the Best Mini-Maul to get Lightweight Splitting Duties.

Having a true maul mind, this pint-sized variant using a one-piece throw construction provides lots of power and punch in a little bundle.

Estwing started manufacturing striking programs in Rockford, Illinois in 1923. They keep their craft now, making durable specialty tools, hammers, pry bars, and axes, all manufactured to the greatest standards.

Estwing 4-Pound”Fireside Buddy” Wood Splitting Axe/Maul with Shock Reduction Grip, on Amazon

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|The Fireside Buddy dividing tool is a small hybridvehicle; it’s the heavy-headed heft of a maul, but with all the feel of a more compact instrument such as an axe. It sports a comparatively small and lightweight head to get a maul, using a broad-angled confront and broad striking survey, but has a shorter grip having an overall length of just 14 inches.

That makes it the perfect dimensions for one-handed swinging, or use as a camping axe. It’s particularly suited to cutting smaller bits and kindling, like such as a fireplace or backyard fire pit.

Forged in 1 part, the Estwing mini-maul provides the strongest structure understood for hand tools, and every strand is hand-sharpened and completed to exacting standards.

The patented nylon vinyl Shock Reduction Grip provides the utmost in ergonomic comfort by absorbing and diminishing impact vibration. It is durable too, permanently bonded and molded into the handle.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|With its smaller size, the balanced, hammer-like layout of the tool makes it effortless to swing and move with one hand while the handle length and weight give it lots of leverage to electricity through timber.

The Fireside Buddy measures about 14 x 6 x 1.5 inches and weighs only 4 lbs. Produced in the united states , Estwing fully guarantees its all-steel Fireside Buddy against failure in normal usage.

Additionally, it includes its own sturdy, nylon sheath, also includes a lanyard hole to fasten to a wrist when swingingto hang in storage. Last, the conventional Fireside Buddy includes a handsome royal blue UV protective coating around the mind and manage, using a fitting Shock Reduction Grip.

The Special Edition version comes with a non-reflective, black oxide finish to the head and manage with a genuine, stacked leather handle — elegant, comfortable, and powerful.

Popular with online shoppers, the Fireside Buddy receives high grades because of its outstanding functionality, the elite structure and elements, and its fantastic versatility.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|Estwing has produced a true audience pleaser in this marketplace. The top-heavy layout is perfectly balanced with a grip length designed for a potent head rate, cutting through little to medium rounds, and creating small sticks from large sticks in only a blink.

Its hybrid layout effectively provides you two tools in one. It is nimble and light enough to maneuver one-handed, like a hand . However, the form and weight of the maul mind give it the required momentum for dividing duties, while the survey end may be used for striking a leash or hammering in tent spikes.

Not only for chopping kindling, the equilibrium and leverage of this Fireside Friend make rapid work of rounds around ten inches, and it blasts via half-rounds with very little work. And for all you lightweight wood choppers on the market, the instrument itself does all the hard work!

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|It is also better compared to a normal maul, therefore hewing very tiny pieces of kindling is fast and simple.

The Estwing Fireside Buddy is a fantastic little dividing tool which combines the best characteristics of a maul and little axe.

Lightweight, sharp, and strong, the forged, one-piece hammer layout makes it effortless to swing precise, one-strike divides with only 1 hand. Ideal for kindling and bigger tasks, it is equally at home with all the fireplace and also the fire pit, and this useful little gadget is also a well-loved accession to this camper’s equipment bag.

Estwing tools excel in structure, equilibrium, and finishing details, and also the Fireside Buddy carries on this tradition. A versatile and robust instrument, it’s a budget-friendly cost point, and provides excellent, Made in the united states value for your price.


Council Tool is just another based American maker of hand tools, working from Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina since its incorporation in 1886.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|Known internationally at the firefighting market due to their axes and first-responder specialty gear, Council also produces digging and striking tools, pry bars, axes, and dividing tools. They utilize just American steel in forging, American hickory (or fiberglass) because of their grips, along with other tool substances which are all domestically sourced.

This 8-pound sledge-eye maul includes a heat-treated bit finish of forged steel with a hardness of 45-50 HRC, supplying excellent durability and security. The little has also been treated with a transparent lacquer finish to help deter rust.

Council Tool 8-lb Splitting Maul using 36″ Hickory Handle, on Amazon

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|As an additional feature, the little’s ample survey end gives a striking encounter for driving steel wedges, really helpful for stubborn or extra-large logs using a knotty or fibrous nature.

The lengthy, 36-inch Grade A hickory handle is chosen for grain orientation and density, supplying lots of leverage to supply strong strikes.

Kiln-dried prior to being turned on a lathe for shaping, the eye area is dried to less than 10% moisture prior to meeting with the mind. After the handle is prepared, it is hydraulically put into the eye and mechanically bonded using a serrated aluminum wedge, all for the sake of growing stability and strength.

This dimension can be available using a fiberglass handle, which can be epoxied into the bare alloy eye to get a durable, secure bond.

Council Tool 8-lb Sledge Eye Splitting Maul with Fiberglass Handle, on Amazon

The Council splitting maul measures about 2.5 x 8.75 x 34 inches and weighs a little bit over 9 lbs. Additionally, it includes at a 6-pound variant to get a more lightweight choice.

Produced in the united states , the mind has a lifetime guarantee to be free from workmanship or material defects. Remember that the handles aren’t similarly covered.

Satisfied clients give the Council Tools maul best grades because of its high quality assemble, no-frills design, and its effectiveness for a splitter.

The plan is certainly quite bare bones, but it will get the work done. The steel is tough, the handle is directly (using a lengthwise grain to boot), and the end is straightforward.

Well-made and solidly constructed, there’s an evident manufacturer loyalty to Council Tools, along with also an appreciation of the Produced in the united states values and sensibilities.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|All in all, the Council Tools splitting maul is a no-frills tool designed with a single job in mind: cleaving wood aside.

Together with the lengthy and traditionally directly, sledge-style manage, it creates lots of head rate to electricity through moderate to big rounds of timber. Moreover, the mind and survey work on all shapes and sizes of timber.

Green or experienced, fine-grained or crooked, the sort of wood does not matter — this instrument has the capacity to find the task finished.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|Reasonably priced at the lower end of this scope, the Council maul brings simple and easy value to the job at hand — quite great for people who understand how to utilize and preserve fundamental tools.


This is our next recommendation in the Fiskars firm, also for good reason. More and more nimble than a maul, the X27 Super Splitting Axe has a very long, comfy FiberComp manage that produces lots of head rate to handle most backyard actions.

Do remember: this is really a hammer, not even a splitting maul! Therefore, it can not be struck by a sledge or utilized to attack a leash. However, for mild to moderate duties, it is more than competent.

Additionally, using a lifetime guarantee that contains the handle, it is difficult to go wrong with all the X-Series from Fiskars.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|Fiskars 36-Inch X27 Super Splitting Axe, accessible on Amazon

With 36 inches of handle span, it is the ideal tool for people who prefer a longer — and milder — hammer.

Of significant note, the X-Series of all axes won the prestigious, global Red Dot Award in 2010 for outstanding design quality in the contest’s gardening group. The X27 also carries on the foundation of this X-Series, supplying all of the power you will need for making breaks through medium, small, and also massive logs easy and simple.

With ideal weight distribution as well as also the wedge-shaped geometry of a maul piece, the X27 also includes a sharp axe edge to make the most of your performance, rending wood along the grain with hardly any work.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|This combination pieces through wood efficiently, while offering greater one-strike strikes with each swing, owing to its flexibility. For additional safety, the mind is over-molded therefore the blade can not be separated out of the handle.

X-Series blades out of Fiskars are made using a proprietary milling technique. This makes a sharper edge, which makes for far better contact and cleaner cuts, even while the convex bevel-to-blade geometry forcefully dispatches wood using one, clean attack.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|The heat-treated, forged steel blades also maintain a sharp edge for quite a very long time — and also the low-friction blade coating helps clean travel through timber without becoming stuck.

In other attributes, the super-strong FiberComp handle enhances durability and comfort. It is made from a nylon/fiberglass composite that is lightweight, yet will not bend or crack under duress, and it is rust and corrosion-free too.

Having a vibration-absorbing room and non-slip grasp, it gives comfort and a smooth swing for fatigue-free usage.

In 36 inches, this really is Fiskars’ longest-handled maul, which increases leverage and optimizes power. This means that you may split wood more readily and at a shorter quantity of time, with much less hand pressure.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|The X27 measures roughly 37.5 x 9.5 x 2 inches, and weighs just under 6 lbs. Produced in Finland, it includes the Fiskars complete lifetime guarantee for both handle and head. Please be aware this is really a hammer, not a maul, and as such shouldn’t be utilized with a sledge.

The X-Series can be accessible using a 28-inch handle from the X25, and more compact hatchets too — the X17 includes a 23.5-inch handle whereas the X11 includes a 17-inch handle.

It’s simple to move this mild and beautifully crafted instrument, not as tiring as functioning with a heavy maul could be, which makes speedy job of chopping wood.

Additionally, the long handle creates a whole lot of head rate, dividing most pieces with one attack. The only difficulty arises with knots, which might need an excess attack or 2.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|Perfectly weighted to make effect with electricity, in addition, it feels great in the hand using a solid, sturdy sense and movement.

The quality construct is evident in all its components, from a sharp advantage of steel to this comfy, vibration-free grip and handle.

The fiberglass handle additionally gives ergonomic comfort to keep hands from exhausting, with only enough”grip and slide” to feel safe without sticking into the palms a lot.

The protective advantage shield can also be a highly valued extra touch!

Another hot seller with online shoppers, the Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe includes the strong build and layout features to deal with light to moderate dividing duties with no difficulty.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|The extended handle generates a lot of head rate to push the sharp, broad cutting face deep into the wood to get speedy action. Lightweight and simple to control, it is an superb pick for the garden wood splitter, or for people who have to split partly split firewood.

Equipped with all the Fiskars lifetime guarantee, you may also feel confident you’re getting a fantastic value for your own lower-range cost tag.

Check out what other people are saying on Amazon today.


In a word, no.

Dreaming about relaxing by a roaring fire? To get that firewood ready, you need the right tool for the job. Read our review of the best splitting mauls now, or Pin It for later: https://gardenerspath.com/gear/tools-and-supplies/best-splitting-mauls/

Just like other programs, axes are all developed for certain tasks like felling, dividing, hewing, and trimming timber. But splitting mauls are a whole other monster.

Let us take a look at a Number of the fundamental differences to get a better idea of just how each functions:


If you are seeking to chop trees down, the felling axe is exactly what you desire.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|Made to cut against the grain instead of using it (a standard found rather of dividing mauls for cutting edge hewn bits into smaller pieces such as firewood), these axes have a sharply honed edge on a comparatively thin blade, which then tapers back into a tight, intense angle.

The cutting face steps from 3.5 to 5 inches, and includes just one bit (another word for your blade) or a double-sided bit in case you’re trying to find a more old-style axe. This piece is throw to a medium weight head at the assortment of 2.5 to 3.5 lbs, and attached to grips with varying lengths, typically measuring from 28 to 36 inches.

Carefully hardened and sharpened, the felling strand’s purpose would be to create as heavy a cut as possible with every stroke throughout the grain, then felling the tree with pieces from the trunk vertical to the floor.

The plan of this sharp, thin blade is what actually makes them the most go-to instrument for chopping trees down, and lopping big limbs also.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|Felling axes will frequently be labeled with the title of this area where they have been developed, such as the American, Swedish, or Minnesotan psychologist — but the design and function of all them is fairly much exactly the same.


Also called a 3/4 axe, the Hudson Bay axe is lighter and shorter than a feller, and may be summoned with a single hand.

This axe first emerged in the 17th century, a time when fur traders across the Hudson Bay waterways wanted smaller axes which were easier to move in thick underbrush. It’s a mind which weighs about 2 pounds (lighter than a felling axe) and a cutting face approximately 4 inches .

The deal is about three quarters the length of classic ones — in other words, anywhere from 18 to 28 inches , and so the main reason behind the alias, the 3/4 axe.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|This smaller profile makes it perfect for working in tight quarters, also for lighter and smaller trimming or lopping responsibilities. A favorite of hunters and cyclists, it will occasionally be called with these names too: the camper’s axe or the hunter’s mind.

This really isn’t the same as a hatchet, a similar but smaller instrument, intended to be used with a single hand.


The broad strand, so called for its big face as well as beard (the blossom being the lower portion of the blade which hangs beneath the mind ), has long been a conventional woodworking tool used to hew logs to usable beams for construction.

The cutting edge of those axes’ broad pieces will include one of two kinds of border: one which is beveled (or steeply sharpened) onto just 1 side, like a chisel, with a crowned striking face which produces true, strong blows; yet, a double-beveled piece, which produces more of a scalloped cut.

|THE BEST WOOD SPLITTING MAUL|For all those that have one bevel, the blade may only be worked in 1 way, and is devoted to right or left handed usage — utilizing the blade in the incorrect hand can damage or dull the blade.

On the other hand (pun intended), the dual sided could be swung in either way with either left or right hand, and its cutting edge borders generally step between 3.5 to 8 inches.

Somewhat obsolete now with the growth of modern industrial farming technologies, the extensive axe is generally just seen or used nowadays for projects which feature traditional woodworking techniques and resources.


While the broad strand can be used for hewing big lumber, a carpenter’s axe is exactly what you will need for facets of woodworking which call for a little more finesse.

Having a shape reminiscent of the Hudson Bay axe but much smaller, the carpenter strand is likewise used, using one hand. A bit larger than the usual hatchet, these include a 1.5 to 2-pound head with a straight cutting edge measuring 3 to 4 inches, and manages ranging from 10 to 16 inches.

This instrument will even feature a very long beard, so the woodworker can choke up on the handle and move it with increased dexterity for detail work.


As its name suggests a splitting maul comes with an entirely different layout and purpose in relation to the chopping style feller, as well as the hewing broad strand.

Splitting Maul Review | GardenersPath.com

Having a duller border and a wide, wedge-shaped mind, a maul divides wood along the grain rather than across, with the momentum created by its hefty head weight to wield its power and can be typically in the assortment of 6 to 12 lbs.

The mind will frequently have a small convex curve, therefore it may be forcefully pushed into wood without getting trapped.

It is going to also have a big, horizontal butt-end or survey, similar to a sledgehammer. That is so it may also be utilized to pound a wedge to the duration of a log, like for cracking wood railings or smaller timber rounds to the fireplace.

A splitting maul will possess the exact same standard design components since most axes, using a wide-angle mind and long, straight handle. However, the butt-end will probably be thin and rectangular, like that of an axe, with no big, flat poll required to hit a wedge.

The handle will probably be milder also, to find that heavy momentum of their head up and moving — in the selection of 2.5 to 6 lbs.


The maul’s wide, thick, wedge-shaped layout is liable for its cleaving capability, and ought to be forged of a high quality, carbide tool steel.

The horizontal butt-end, or survey, can be used as a sledgehammer. This aspect can be used with a metallic wedge and struck it for all those really tough piecesnonetheless, bear in mind the metal-on-metal touch of head-to-wedge can create harmful flaking and chipping of either, or even both.

Therefore, the steel to the mind and wedge ought to fall to a hardness assortment of 45-60 HRC (Rockwell scale) to avoid this from occurring. For the very best strength and endurance, the steel must likewise be heat-treated or hardened.

Wooden handles are fastened to the mind with pliers or expanders, and fiberglass handles are secured with an epoxy filler — or , they are automatically attached with rivets.

Splitting Mauls | GardenersPath.com

The eye of maul heads (the gap which the handle fits into) will be a sledge-head eye or a axe-head eye.

A sledge-head eye is either just slightly ovate to coincide with the handle form of sledgehammers, whereas the axe-head eye will probably be rectangular, oblong, or teardrop shaped — like the form of axe handles in the shoulder.


Much like axes, handles for mauls are in two basic types: ceramic and wooden. Both are very popular, and choice is actually an issue of personal taste.

The handle itself will probably be extended and straight as a rod, using a round or slightly ovate shape. This permits a solid handhold with both palms, and provides the ideal amount of traction and slide needed to fold and guide the mind.


Premium wooden grips for striking tools like axes, picks, and hammers have to be produced from a tough wood with a tough, fibrous grain which will withstand breaking — and they also have to be flexible enough to absorb some of the shock.

Fire-hardened hickory is a favorite alternative for its own fiber strength and resiliency, making it perfect for maul handles. Other popular forests are ash, yellow birch, sugar maple, and other attractively challenging woods.

One other important factor: a well-selected wooden handle should have the grain running the length of the deal, not over it, to further withstand cracking.


Synthetics also have become a favorite option for manages, as they are more challenging to break and supply a longer lifetime than timber.

They are also lighter in weight, absorbing vibrations and shock more efficiently too. In addition, the ones using a fiberglass core and a polypropylene or vulcanized rubber outside won’t just give additional strength, but extra comfort and greater protection against the cold also.

Some grips, whether artificial or wood, will include another sleeve just below the head to reduce harm from overstrikes.

Manage lengths vary from 28 to 36 inches, and what you choose should depend on your height in addition to the burden of their mind.

Based on physics, the more the handle along with the thicker the mind, the more energy is being delivered into the timber being divided. However, not everybody’s strength and height are matched for optimum duration and weight.

If you're splitting wood this season, you need the right tool for the job. We've reviewed the top splitting mauls: https://gardenerspath.com/gear/tools-and-supplies/best-splitting-mauls/

Mauls traditionally have a more handle for a larger swing arc, giving more momentum so the mind can create impact with increased force and cleaving activity. A long handle additionally ensures that in the end of your swing, effect will probably be with the floor before you, rather than in your ankles!

Blunt or not, these thick brutes would immediately make a mess of lower extremities with a missed attack… so be cautious.

Generally, the handle will probably be longer than any axe. Make certain it’s light and short enough that you create a simple controlled swing that’s treated with precision, confidence, and security.

Here is a fantastic general rule of thumb to understand the perfect handle span for you: the period of your inseam (the length dimension of your own jeans ) will correspond to some proper handle span.

It is safe to go an inch or two more, since you could always choke up a little without sacrificing precision. On the flip side, if your handle isn’t too brief, you’ll need to undermine your posture — that is tough on your back, can throw off your balance, and might even expose your toes and shins to greater threat.

Begin with A Fantastic FOUNDATION

Apart from your maul, another major item of gear you will need is a proper chopping block.

Wood can be broken right on the floor, but that is embarrassing and will weaken the impact of your own swing, unless the earth is frozen. Additionally, it puts unnecessary pressure on the lower back in bending over, which means you will not need a base that’s too short .

A foundation measuring about 12 to 20 inches gives a nice, solid base for breaking wood, and permits you to swing in your entire height to the most forceful effect. The top foundations will probably be flush-cut log sections, rather than a tough wood, and ought to have a diameter roughly double the magnitude of the biggest pieces you will put onto it.


This brings us to the finish of our appearance in the splitting maul.

Large and heavy, or light and small — there is really a tool available for every single dividing task and consumer dimensions.

As for mepersonally, after having a closer look in my very own trusty 6-pound maul, I visit that a crack has formed at the shoulder of the hickory manage…

It is seen regular use for 20 decades now, so that appears to be a reasonable lifespan. Perhaps it’s time for an update!

Picking the Best Splitting Maul for the Job | GardenersPath.com

1 thing is for certain — outside our own household requirements, that adorable little Fireside Buddy will be weighing a couple sleeves come Christmas.

How about you, readers? In case you’ve got a tried and true favorite for splitting wood, then let us know in the comments below and share your knowledge we always love your ideas and Do read other post on theserenegarden

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